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Science Fiction/Fantasy/Adventure Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana

Consept was a science fiction-fantasy adventure convention that was set up in Indianapolis, Indiana. The concept of the convention was to have a fan-run convention that would listen to what the fans want and cater to what they, the guests, and the dealers needed. The first year of the convention was a good one. The guests felt comfortable being around the fans and spent time out on the hotel floor. As with any first year convention, there were problems that crept up, but with the GREAT convention staff that we had, the problems were either addressed immediately, or the information was taken down for how to improve the convention in future years.

The idea of a fan-run media convention in Indianapolis was a good one. We had very good support from the people that came, and have had quite a few requests for information since the convention. Unfortunately, because of circumstances beyond our control, ConSept will not be held again, and the future of the convention is uncertain.

Thank you again for everything!

There have been serveral requests over the past few years of people wanting to buy the "consept" domain name for one reason or another. I assure you that it is not for sale. While the convention may be defunct, the server (including its domain) is being used by serveral people and we host several sites.

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